Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Summer-ized Coffee Room, take 1

Our coffee room was built long after we moved in. Realizing that we wanted a fireplace to sit around and be cozy with on cold mornings. That was 9 years ago !!?? Weird how time flies when you are an adult. Anyway, not until this past spring did we understand that we could actually use this room the other 6 months of the year! Who knew? I find myself sitting in here every morning....sipping my coffee....listening to the morning moo'ing and cock-a-doodle-dooing outside.....reading the day's Jesus Calling page....and catching up on my favorite blogs! There is no better way to wake up each day, in my opinion! 

What probably took me so long to use this in the warmer months was that the furniture placement was always wrong. This is a small room, and therefore I just had 2 big comfy chairs and an ottoman in here, along with some side tables. You can see the other ways that this room has looked HERE and HERE. But I longed for better seating, and since I am always rearranging my furniture to different rooms, why not try something new in here??

So in came the furniture that was a regular in the front room. It had a loveseat and matching chair and ottoman. Now normally, I don't go for matchy, matchy, but this works well together size-wise and are super comfy! They were hand-me-downs by my mom, so free is good, right?

Summertime is all about being outdoors, so I bring in a lot of plants to my rooms. Since doing the Cozy Minimalist class, I am trying to stay with what was taught to me, and tried to only use things that are beautiful and useful to us. 

A lot of pillows are always a must with our family, and not just because I'm a pillow hoarder! We actually gather in this tiny room most mornings, so the extra pillows are used as backrests for my kiddos. (That new "South Side" one is an ode to my upbringing, which makes me happy!)

And yes, I don't like the fact that you see a cord hanging down the wall, but this fountain is so amazing that I deal with the cord! Ha!

Now here is where I tell you that this room is about to get an overhaul. I actually LOVE how this room looks and feels, but you know how I told you that my mom gave us this furniture? Well, she wants it back....{Sigh}. 

But, with every cloud....there is a silver lining, right? I get to stretch my design wings, and see what I can come up with. It will probably end with me shopping for new furniture....but will start with me shopping our house and using some imagination. 

And why is it that when you see a picture of yourself, or a room that you think looks good, you can see ALL THE FLAWS?? Getting ready to load pictures and write this post, I suddenly can see that the stone wall is way too busy for the rug currently in here....which is sad, because it's my favorite and its super soft.... so when this room gets re-done in the next couple weeks, I will be sure to show you what I came up with as a temporary solution (until new furniture is in the budget). As of now, I have no idea!! 


Sheila said...

I actually kind of love that rug with the stone. I long for a room like this. It will be fun to see your changes. :)

BaileyWife said...

Thanks, Sheila! There is always rug rearranging going on here, I'm gonna try something new, I think, but will probably put this back in when the snow flies.... It really helps warm up this little room!

Sal Torr said...

Could you please tell me where to get your wall fountain ?


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