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Obsessed Much Mondays: Barn Sale Goodies

Welcome to another addition of Obsessed Much Mondays...where I tell a story and share pictures of what has me so obsessed at the moment. Because we all tend to get obsessed with things, and I love getting things off my chest and sharing it with all my friends. Haha!!

This past weekend, I focused mainly on the upcoming Barn Sale. Summer life is always mixed with a lot of projects, 4H things to accomplish (getting the cows to be "show-ready", kids' homemade projects, etc), activities, sports, Bible School, hopefully a family vaca squeezed in....the list goes on and on! And with our Bailey Barn Sale, we are even MORE crazy, I mean busy! 

So, Marci and I thought it would be fun to show some sneak peaks of what we have been working on....and because some of our friends and customers are chomping to see some goodies!! We can't show EVERYTHING, we want some things to be a surprise when you come shopping on JUNE 20th! 

So in no particular order, here are just a few handpicked goodies....

This is a future wine rack....seriously some beautiful wood, it is still in progess, but oh so cool! 

I have been working on these Vintage inspired Science Posters, if you haven't seen them in person, they are my new favorite design element....there are about 10-12 different ones available for this sale. 

Some junkin treasures..These items are STAPLES in our home. I love sap buckets. I use them as large vases and there is a hole on the back of each one,which are fun hanging on a wall. And of course, crates, they are perfect caddies, trays, or shelving on a wall! And these ones are beautiful. 

Marci will have several of her ever-so-popular wood-burned and painted treasures. Including this amazing lazy susan....

Handmade vintage-inspired food signs.... I actually want several of these for myself! 

There will be several of these reclaimed wood signs , and this one is MY FAVORITE, I'm sure you can guess why!?! 

Our talented husbands will again show their creativity with quite a few of their designs. This repurposed wire spool is an awesome coffee table. 

And what is a Barn Sale without several Barnwood Frames to choose from. These sold out quickly, so we will have more to choose from this time! Here are just a few.....

I have hunted down some amazing seed sacks which are being made into pillows. These are just samples of what they will look like. (These are mine!!) Someday, I hope to learn to sew, in the meantime my Mama is a great help in getting this accomplished! Thanks Mom! 

My daughter, Sierra, has started her own little crafty business called "Sierra's Dreams". This is a photo of her first dreamcatcher she had made as a 4H project last year. On another post I will highlight all the beautiful ones that she has created since this first one. She will have her own display at the Barn Sale, I am one proud Mama, and you all will LOVE what she has created!! 

Marci is a Junkin Queen, and has so much fun junkin goodness to show, that I could not get it all photographed....the photo below were some of my favorites that she has shown me. Ya'll, I want EVERYTHING....

There are a few other friends that will be selling their goodies also. I don't want to spoil all the fun and show you too much! 

But there you have a little peak to hopefully spark your interest! Having a summer sale is turning out to be so much fun. Hopefully the weather is nice that day so we can have a lot of our displays outside. But if not, the shop will be full and a nicely shaded place for you to do some shopping! There will be so much furniture, repurposed junk, vintage treasures, homemade items, candles, signage, frames, pillows, so many fun things for you to start (or finish) a gallery wall in your home!! 

Please make sure to follow the barn sale on Facebook, you can get to it by clicking HERE.
And I will be instagramming it all also, you can follow that by clicking HERE, or clicking on the hashtag #baileybarnsale. 

Now, I better get some more work done, we have less then 2 weeks left!! 

These logs are calling my name to make something beautiful out of them......

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