Friday, June 5, 2015

Because we are blessed to be homeowners

Do you love your home? I do....obviously! But do you thank God for your home and all that you have in it?

{Having a little fun with my editing website!} 

 The other day when I was mowing (and yes, I LOVE TO MOW), I had a little chit chat with the Lord. (Because when you have a couple hours to yourself on a mower, that is when the best conversations happen!) 

I thanked him for our 10 acres of beautiful land that he has blessed us with. And realized that when I am doing yard-work, I usually have a smile on my face. Weird, right? Why would a woman who is sweating in places that aren't ladylike and getting her hands, clothes, and feet dirty, have a smile on her face?? Well, let me tell you.....

This property of ours is a dream come true, each tree that is planted here.... 

.....each flower that is growing......

.....every building and garden.....we planted or built....

{Grainy cell phone pic, of the "builders"...Thanks guys!!}
{Herb and strawberry garden all filled in!}

 .....all but this cute little outhouse, this was an Auction purchase, Ha!

So why wouldn't I feel thankful and blessed?? Sure, it gets overwhelming being a homeowner....I would be lying if I said anything different. But God has put each of us where we are for a reason, I whole-heartedly believe that. We want this home, we want this farm, taking care of it and making it look it's best is not a job. If we looked at it as a burden, then we should leave and sell it to someone who sees it for the beauty that it is. 

I believe that a thankful heart is so much fuller. And life is way too short to not love and be thankful for your home. We wanted this home, why not be happy to take care of it? If you find yourself not happy in your something about it. Start by being thankful for it.

 This is the place that is yours to be whatever you want to be.

 In the outside world, we have jobs or careers that tell us who were are. We have friends or acquaintances that may see us for who we are. We have meetings, errands to run, schedules to attend to, obligations.....all those things make up a little of who we are. But home, that is a place where we can be whatever we want. If you want to be a chef...go for it! If you want to be a singer to take on the next American Idol, you just GO and do that! At our home, we like to be farmers, cowboys, artists, designers. It's YOUR home, be who you WANT to be! 

 But you don't have to have the "DREAM" land or the million dollar mansion to be happy and thankful. Right where you are, this is the home you live in. It might be a cute little apartment, it might be a fixer-upper, it might be a rental while you save for a future home, or you might have a nice house that you plan to stay in. Whatever it is, thank the Lord for it. Choose to put a smile on your face while you do that yardwork, or sweep your floors.

 This is your home, taking care of it is a privilege.  

So, go pull those weeds, go put some pretty inexpensive flowers on your apartment  balcony, go mow with a smile on your face! Change the outlook on the chores of taking care of your home, because it's a privilege and a blessing to have one! 


Teresa Herold said...

Great post Kim! I too love to mow and weed with a smile on my face while talking to God! ☺️

BaileyWife said...

Thanks Teresa, I knew that we were a lot alike!!

This is "What I NEVER knew that I ALWAYS wanted"

A born and raised city girl, finding the country life to be the real me! Every day is an adventure, and each season brings new excitement and experiences. I am learning and loving the path of finding my true passion....making this little farm our HOME!