Monday, June 15, 2015

Obsessed Much Mondays: Junk

This post is coming just 5 days before our barn sale, so of course lately I am obsessed with JUNK. When I was growing up, people would go to estate sales looking for antiques. They would go "Antiquing" , now we call it "Junkin". What I love about this change is that we aren't looking for that perfect piece of restored furniture (although those are great too). 

This new generation is looking for items that are imperfect. We want the rust, the dents, the chipped paint. This adds character and personality to our homes. It adds that homey lived in look that tells a story. I have what some would call JUNK scattered all throughout our home and yard. 

{an unused chicken feeder became a planter}

{an old rusted bird cage}

{old crates are a favorite of mine}

{vintage fan and old tin bucket}

{repurposed coffee sacks into pillows for my porch}
For our upcoming barn sale, Marci and I have been busy going through our "JUNK" that we have been hoarding buying, we have been busy painting and repurposing, and making some new stuff too. Her and I have different looks that we are both bringing to the sale. I think all who come will be pleased with the wide range of items to purchase.  

I really want to show you everything that I have ready, but want to keep some things a surprise for the Sale on Saturday!! If you don't already, make sure to Like Bailey Barn Sale on Facebook. 

As soon as we have all of our items staged, I plan on taking pictures and will have a post about it all! I cannot wait to see it all come together. Now we are just praying for good weather! But even if it rains, our shop is big enough to bring it all inside and we will have just as much fun! 

Thanks for coming by on this rainy day here in Iowa! I hope to get a lot done today, even though when it rains for some reason my creativity is lacking and I just want to curl up in bed and watch movies....better go get that 3rd cup of coffee! 

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