Saturday, June 13, 2015

Junk on the Porch

Most days consist of me needing something creative to do. That is just in my DNA, I literally cannot go without a design fix, much like a drug addict I suppose. That is both a blessing and a curse. But the day that I can squeeze some random design element, make something crafty, redo a room, move some furniture or accessories around, those are the best kind of days. 

With all of my junkin I have been doing lately, I don't just buy things to re-sell. In our home, I love to use vintage items that tell a story, and sometimes that includes what most would call JUNK. 

Outside is no exception. 

Our front porch was lacking some attention, and it has always felt a little off balance. It's actually kind of long, but not all that deep. So besides having a porch swing, I have always felt that the porch needed some cozying up. I made this little seating area off to the side that is much more inviting to spend time on the porch with, and thought I'd share some of what I did. 

I have no problems with bringing things that we use inside the house, to the outdoors, especially on our covered porch. When the weather gets bad, I bring them inside. I love the feel of REAL rugs underfoot, not just the outdoor ones that they sell this time of year. These rag rugs are a staple in our home, and they wear and wash up beautifully. 

I placed them in front of 2 matching old chairs that we have, and I still love. 
Baileyhusband brought home a spool table for me (I love when he thinks of me when he sees junk!) and my wonderful sons found this old rusted mailbox in the woods next to our house, no kidding! I wonder who this belonged to and how old it is? 

I added a black sack to it to help protect the plants from all the rust, and so all the dirt wouldn't fall out of the holes. Adding succulents was a no-brainer, they don't need much space and I was really wanting just greenery here. 

Along with some of my seed sack pillows, this little porch space is pretty cozy and cute now. I know that I'm a little of a design dork, but pulling into our driveway now and seeing this little setup makes me seriously giddy. 

I made some coffee sack pillows for the swing, why not embrace the fact that this swing needs some updating? Someday, I will get around to repainting it, and would like to update the chains to thick rope. But in the meantime, I think that it looks cohesive with the junk look! 

So, what do you think of my junk on my porch? I love that it tells a story, invites you to sit a while. Simple, but effective. 

 While I was taking pictures and "styling" this little porch, my favorite brown truck showed up....

I wonder what he thought of the crazy blond outside taking pictures of him?? I am so excited with what he delivered...I've been waiting for this item so I can re-do a room in my home. So stay tuned! 

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