Monday, June 3, 2013

SUMMER is here!

This is a FIRST for me.....
I am home this summer.....ALL summer!

Let the fun, fantastic projects, and flip flops commence!

My mind doesn't even know where to begin....I'm kind of A.D.D. and think about painting my bookcases in our front room, then I change to planning a overhaul of our storage room, then want to re-do our landscaping in our walk-out.....then think about taking the kids on all the field-trips I have planned for the summer. Oh, then I need to finish some flower plantings on our porch, but REALLY need to powerwash our deck.....

Maybe I will just sit and rest.....all this "thinking and planning" exhausts me!

Our Spring/Summer (for now) mantel

A new Antique oil painting I recently acquired.... #inLOVE

I have been busy summer-fying our by room. 

I am excited to have this time to spend on my blog, and hopefully get some projects completed, photographed, and shared this ENTIRE summer!! Each room and outdoor space will be getting some attention, and I will be updating our tabs for the "home tour and farm tour".

I hope you can follow along as my family and I have so much to share about our home and farm for the next few months, lots of projects!!

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