Sunday, June 30, 2013

Making HAY


P.S. There was alot of pictures taken of the actual haying process, but not by me. I will try to get some of those snapshots and share soon. But I HAD to show my hardworking, handsome Baileyhusband! :)


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

My husband and my grandparents were both farmers and what your husband was doing is VERY hard work. I can see why you are so proud of him!

Cheri Lowery said...

Hi Baileywife! I want to ask your permission to post some of your pictures to my Pinterest board "Life♡On♡The♡Farm". Not personal photos of you or your family, just the 'farmy' things. You have a beautiful home and life! I'm pretty new at how blogs work. I've been debating whether a blog or facebook page would fit for my "Prayer Shawls Plus" work I'm in charge of at our little Church. Taking my time. The first attempt went , well, strange.As I was typing in the name I'd chosen, the screen went white & all my personal info auto-loaded. Instantly a "request to post" page appeared....a picture of a black woman's....umm....very huge chest! I kept hitting "decline" until Facebook auto intercept kicked them out 'permanently'. I'm learning as much as possible to avoid "scary-smart" trouble-makers like that. You belong to many blogs. Where do you find the time?? have a nice day! God Bless You and Keep You Always! Cheri....."Butterflybye"

BaileyWife said...

Feel free to PIN away! And good luck! ~Kim

Cheri Lowery said...

Thanks! You have such a lovely home and an awesome farm & family. You're truly blessed!

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