Monday, June 17, 2013

An UNplanned day!

Sometimes its the unplanned days that are the very best!
This past week, we had an unexpected baseball game cancellation. And so we had family work with our cows! Honestly, these are our favorite days....

And yes, this is our Miniature Hereford bull, Hawkeye. He is a yearling bull, and oh so very tame. So Daddy thought it would be fun for the boys to "Ride a Bull". No bucking or running, Hawkeye is too sweet for that! 

Well, Good Evening to you too, Hawkeye! I know you are so excited for the fresh grass!

These pictures, which were impromptu....were taken with the Baileyhusband's little ol cell phone. Sorry for the poor quality! 

And I want to share with you another photo I found on his little ol cell phone! I know some husbands would have pictures of things that wouldn't be wife-worthy....yet, this one made me laugh......

The man DOES like big butts, he is oh so very proud of these! IF you are a cow person, you know that this is what the judges (at cow shows) look for. 

I have seen this on a sweatshirt and am seriously considering purchasing one for my dear man. 
Hopefully, this summer, we will have many of these unplanned days....and hopefully, I will have my good camera with me! :)

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