Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Room, Three Ways( #2)

Hello good friends! 
Well, I didn't get a divorce from the chaos that I caused in this house yesterday! 
Thank goodness Baileyhusband just smiled when I told him what I did ALL day....

So now on to my second look, and again, 
here is what our family room NORMALLY looks like:

and this time I added a sense of "Calm" (and if you know us, calm is not in our vocabulary! ha)

Like I said yesterday....all the main characters stayed the same. I just wanted to re-style this room by adding different accessories, rugs, pillows, lamps, sidetables, etc. Any person can do this on their own, just clear it out and start with a blank slate. It actually is quite fun! 

This is something that I would like in the winter...a lot of texture and comfort.
These are every cream pillow that I could find in our home...some I've had for years!
Now, I know that normally people don't sit on their sofas with this many pillows, but since I am the official pillow picker-uper and re-fluffer around here, all these pillows make me happy! And the little ones like to have something to throw at each other and build their forts with anyways! :)

Of course, the bookshelf had to be re-styled. Very uncluttered and simple this time. 

How about my new love? Yep, this is a REAL cowhide rug....and you know how I love cows! 
This is SUPER silky soft, wonderful on bare feet (only if they are clean, boys)!
I also brought in the lamps and chair from our bedroom....

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at what is my FAVORITE hobby! 
Tomorrow I will show the last look that I did to this room, don't worry's already changed again....I have about 5 other looks running through my head, but this is just a THREE ways Challenge! :)

P.S. I will be linking up to this "Party" tomorrow also!

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