Friday, June 28, 2013

One room, Three Ways (#3)

Today is the final day of my challenge One Room, Three Ways brought to you by Jennifer Rizzo, whom I have got the pleasure of meeting...and she is as sweet in person as she is on her blog! 

I have to say that my dear children were pretty helpful in this process. After every room "reveal" to them, my youngest son would proclaim "THIS is the best room you've done!" and then I would re-do it, and he would proclaim the same thing! :) And then I would ask the boys to carefully help me tear everything down so I could start over! It helped that I did not move any of our main pieces. No HEAVY lifting required! 
So without further ado.........

Here is the room as it ALWAYS looks:

And option #3....

Burlap, denim, recycled......playful!

I kept the jute rug alone, this room is more about summer with the kids being home ALL. DAY.
My favorite accessory: the large vintage globe. I also re-used some of the oil paintings.

My boys' little denim tent. We have some little niece and nephews that come to visit and have a ball in here.

Just covered some pillows in denim and seed sacks....and used some of my bagillian crates I have stashed all over our home.

And of course, the piece-de-resistance....our water trough recycled trunk made by our son for a 4H project that I blogged about HERE.

I have a lot of old barnwood frames, and used one on the wall, just turned it backwards for a little conversation piece. 

Well, there you have it. See, it wasn't too hard at all. I am a serial re-arranger and re-styler....but I don't believe rooms should ever stay the same. Mix it up a little, you would be surprised at how much it changes your perspective on your home. 
Now that you have seen all is a recap:

Way#1: the turquoise.

Way#2: the winter white.

And Way#3: the denim and burlap.

I hope you have enjoyed my little project....and believe me, no marriage was hurt in the process...or backs. Just shopped my GO and do yours!!


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

They all three look great! It is amazing how changing some things around can make a room look so different! You did a great job.

Sonya ~At Home With The Barkers said...

That water trough is fantastic. I can see why your son loved every new look. ~Sonya

thistlewoodfarm said...


WOW! They all look amazing! The colors are so fun! Thank you so much for linking up!

Happy day!

Christine Vandormolen said...

love the cow hide rug on top of the other one...and the tent....pinning....looks great and what a challenge that was....
Christine from Little Brags

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