Friday, May 3, 2013

Back porch dreaming....


Well, someone better tell that to Mother Nature.....

because as of right now, I am looking at my freshly manicured lawn, budding trees, perennial gardens, and nicely swept front porch......


I am even too upset to take a picture. Making "history" this way, is not my idea of fun!

So while it is a winter wonderland outside, 
I am trying to keep my mind on the warm summer months (if we ever have them!)

I am taking my back porch inspiration from this:

via Pinterest

and these:

via Pure Style Home blog
via Pinterest

I have also been doing some shopping via our wonderful WWW
 and have purchased some of these pillows from Pottery Barn:

This is my starting off point, here is an image from last summer:

I am not going to purchase any more furniture, just using what we have, maybe doing some DIY projects and making this fit more with the inside of our home. 

Here are some images of things I'm interested in adding:
via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pottery Barn

Our back porch/ deck area is actually made up of 3 different zones. 
1.The upper portion, which is enclosed with railing. 

2. The open, larger area, which I have had trouble getting the right look for. 

Don't you like our ornamental turkeys? These are no longer at Irishman Acres, 
but thought I'd show you how the deck looked last summer! :)

3. And our brick patio, which has our fire-pit.  Which you can see off of our deck:

Hard for me to totally plan it from the looks outside today! But these pictures are helping! 

Maybe when my new pillows arrive from Pottery Barn....or I dig out my outdoor rugs....or actually am ABLE to plant some of my flowers I have hidden in our garage, I will finally be able to put this winter in the past!

Like I said......*dreaming*.....


Anonymous said...

It's good to have a plan. Hope you can make this come to fruition. xox

Down to Earth Style said...

You've got some great inspiration pictures for your outdoor spaces that look super fun to decorate - minus the turkeys. They creep me out.

Maureen said...

I truly feel for you with the snow! Warm weather finally came to Canada so it must be on it's way to you. The turkeys may not have been pretty patio ornaments but they certainly were unique. said...


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At Home in English Valley said...

I was complaining today about the heat and remembering 2 weeks ago I had on my winter jacket to plant my pots. You've got some great inspirations, especially the twig furniture. Someday I'd love a love seat and chair! love, Penny

John Gwaltney said...

You can really get awesome back porch ideas from these inspirations. With the help of these pictures, you can provide your outdoor area with a high new level of radiance and beauty. Your porch might have been boring to you in the past, but once you transform it into something beautiful, you’ll definitely consider it as one of your favorite places in your home!
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Darren Lanphere said...

You have a very lovely place. My favorite would be what's shown in photo #2. If you have space and scenery of a ranch like that, I’m sure you’ll spend a lot of time in your patio reading a book or simply enjoying your view.

Darren @ Mirr Ranch Group

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