Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Room, Three Ways!

Now I LOVE a good challenge, especially when it comes to design, actually RE-design.

I have a large quantity of blogs that I "Follow", and some of my favorites came together for this challenge. You can see the beginning of it HERE. 
Thanks Jen, for putting this together, what fun!!

So here is my room that I re-designed 3 ways:

This is where we LIVE. everyday.

So, for this challenge, and to make this process painless,
I kept all the main characters the same. Our sofas (which are sooooo comfy), our TV armoire, our bookcase, and the whatcha-ma-call-it hanging on the vaulted wall. (don't judge, it was .25 cents at a garage sale!) At least there aren't 5 deerheads hanging there like there USED to be. ;) Just ONE!

So here is my RE-design #1:

I took down most of the family portraits we had on this bookshelf, and restyled it. I am liking this look, but will probably put back all my pictures.......

These are vintage oil paintings I have picked up recently, and love that they look good together!
And this lamp from Target is a fun whimsy addition to this room.

Truth be told, I "borrowed" some things from my daughter's room,( sorry Sis, everything has been put back, I promise) this papasan chair and the print above the shelves....and SOME of the pillows!

I layered a rug that was being used in the front room over our jute rug. This helps in bringing some much needed color to our floor. 

Even though I am totally completely smitten with this iron window, I actually picked it up for a friend that I am helping with the interior design of her new home. (If you are reading this JH, isn't it gorgeous??)

I had so much fun doing this....and why not?? It did not cost me a dime! Just shopped around my own home and found things that went together. It really does put a new perspective on your rooms.
Now for the REALLY hard part,  how do I explain to  Baileyhusband that the dishes, laundry, and yard work didn't get done today? :) 
Oh well.....PLEASE come back tomorrow and see this room done a different way. I just got done looking at all the pictures of all 3 ways, and I don't know which look is my favorite!?

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Anonymous said...

I love this!! You have a beautiful home and eye for warm, pretty comforts. I can't wait to see what you do I want to do some rearranging ;)

<3 Nicole

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