Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Table

Warmth, love, laughter, family, food....
That is what is going to be around our home tomorrow.

Today, I am a busy little bee getting ready for the 20 feasters that will be around our dinner table!

I still like to do a centerpiece for our table, but keeping it low will allow for better conversation.
And believe 4 SISTERS and our mama will sit there for about 5 hours telling stories, laughing, catching up, and planning our next holiday get-together...Christmas! (and the shopping trip we take together the day after this great meal we are sharing.)

Our kitchen island is ready for it's BIG JOB of being the "Dessert Station".
My mama is bringing all the I have left room for all her beautiful goodness.

The backdrop of our dessert station is the Turkey Platter that is a family heirloom. 
Technically, it should probably be used for serving our turkey on...but since it is so sentimental, I just can't bear to actually use it. :)

I am now working on the "Beverage Station", followed by hor d'oeurves appetizers munchies, and of course the main course and side dishes. I am clearing my counters of EVERYTHING so we have plenty of room for all this Thanksgiving food. 

The Beverage Station

For 20 people ranging in ALL ages....I like to have a variety of drinks for the meal and dessert. 
We are planning on serving tea (2 flavors), ice cold WATER....which is better for filling your tummy with actual food instead of drink....and hot tea, cocoa, and coffee for dessert. 

Planning it all ahead of time makes for a more relaxing holiday for this hostess. We serve the food buffet style...and have tables set up all over our great room so we can all be together.

Now if only this were the end of getting ready for guests....
Off to clean toilets! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND FOOD- FILLED Thanksgiving!

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