Sunday, November 4, 2012


I cannot believe that we are already into November....
I wanted to share some happenings here at the farm.

Paco, our blue peacock....flew the coop! He is now a free-ranger. Actually ALL of our blue peacocks were free ranging for a day....(someone left the door open, Gunnar, but we won't mention any names!) We caught all of them but Paco....we think he is much happier! 

Felipe, our white peacock, who rents space in our chicken coop, is much happier also....we thinned out our flock of hens....and he has more space to strut his stuff!

Jetta, our black cat, made it through Halloween....she was completely frightened by all the scary monsters that came to our door! And I am happy to announce she is FINALLY earning her keep around here. She is often found hunting in the barn early in the morning....and the scary amount of mice we have had is now a thing of the past!

And Hershey girl is loving the once-again-green-grass....and sunshine!
 (Poor ol' girl has an "owie" on her nose)

I got to finally finish our end of the season lawn cutting...and our yard is looking more like its a beautiful spring day , rather than the end of the year! 

Hope this nice weather sticks around for awhile so we can get that chicken coop cleaned out and moved! 


Anonymous said...

You should have "hired" the youth group to come help with that project!! You still can!!

BaileyWife said...

We have actually considered it! Great minds think alike!

Kim said...

I have never seen a white peacock before! He looked amazing!

This is "What I NEVER knew that I ALWAYS wanted"

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