Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Time! And no more POO.

I bet most people don't have to shoo pesky little turkeys off of their back deck!

Now I love living on a farm as much as the next girl.....but these creatures (as funny as they are) were not very well-liked by me! If they just would have stayed down by the barnyard where they belonged!!!

But, instead, this BaileyWife had to be scooping poo off of her deck, her front porch, and her patio.....

I was a little embarrassed when company would come over and I had to explain the poo.

The only thing that I enjoyed was the COMIC RELIEF that we had watching our daughter, Sierra, run from the turkeys. Here she is scaling a gate to get away from the monsters that "Are going to EAT ME!!"

Sending Sierra down to do chores was an adventure when these lil guys were around...
her FEAR of birds is actually a real phobia....and even though it is probably a cruel thing to do....a person just cannot help but laugh! 

But THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW! This is why the turkeys no longer live at Irishman Acres:

My water fountain became a daily ritual for them....kind of like "Morning Coffee". After the poo clogged  it a couple times.....and my flowers were trampled on.....this mama had enough......

They went to live at another farm down the road.....and I hope they don't find their way back here anytime soon! 
My fountain and I are keeping our eyes out! :)

I will just stick to chickens and guineas and peacocks THANK YOU!

Happy Turkey Time to All my blogger Friends!!

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