Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sick Ones and Vet Bills!!

We have only been in this cow business for about 4 years...and we have not had to deal with the sickies before. I didn't even know that cows could get flu-like symptoms! 

But lo and happened! We knew that our bull, Ken, was being a little standoff-ish, but Ken is Ken....and he is a grumpy fella anyways. Then one day, we noticed him limping  and shuffling towards the barn.

And when I say shuffling....I mean picture how the elderly walk on a sheet of ice....
and then picture a 1200+ lb bull walking like that! 

With a closer inspection...he had a severely red nose and eyes....

We quickly quarantined him from our other cows (and donkey)....and he went into our grain bin and stayed there for days....wouldn't come out for water or food. BaileyHusband tried coaxing him out with buckets of feed...which seemed to work initially....

We, I mean BaileyHusband, ( I still don't feel too comfortable being that close the big lug, even if he doesn't feel good!) had to carry water in large buckets to him to get him to even drink.

The vet arrived and gave him some (expensive) shot of anit-biotics that was to last in him for 7 days. Ken had a temperature of 103 degrees...and it was a cold day! Poor guy!!

After two rounds of shots, and 2 1/2 weeks later.....we are pleased to see that Ken is becoming his feisty old self....and is now back in the larger pasture with his lady friends.......


But.....just like the flu in a household of seemed to have spread......

Most of our calves were having gross snotty noses...makes you want to get a large Kleenex doesn't it?
And they were laying around the barnyard, looking totally sad. So more shots and more vet bills later....we think we have knicked this flu in the bud.....just hope our baby mamas don't get it, don't know what it would do to their unborn calves! YIKES!

Hopefully we will have a more healthy month ahead!

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