Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Home Show Expo-Part 2: A little GLAM

Well, here is "Part 2" of my posts on the Home Show Expo 2012. Along with the country elements
that I posted in Part 1...the other popular design choice was clearly a little GLAM.

That tub....and the chandelier! All in its own little nook! Breathtakingly beautiful....close those curtains, light some candles, play soft music, yep.....HEAVEN!

I love mixing textures...and these homes had lots of it!

Having brought my daughters, they definitively appreciated the floral and zebra mix!

Lots of attention was put on the baths and half-baths this year.....

This room below, although it sounds weird, was my FAVORITE!! I really think that a woman must have designed the layout of this home. This is NOT the laundry room, it is across the hall, in it's own room (behind closed doors!!!) This is more like a MOM's play room...and it's right off the kitchen. 

I would call this the Family Scheduling Center. With it's built in desk and cabinets...this could easily moonlight as a scrapbook or crafting station, party supply room, gift wrapping room, off season table linens and decor storage, the "dog room", photographer's workroom and printing dock, maybe a space for blogging? ....oh the possibilities are endless! 

Painted white woodwork was really popular..which is a great backdrop for country style AND glam! Or a mixture of both:

Freestanding tubs are a STANDOUT...although this one looks a little "Cold" to me. Please add rugs and some fun accessories...I could see an old wooden ladder leaning against the stone wall for towels!

Just HAD to showcase these hardworking birds...
if my purse had been bigger, they would have come with me! :) (just kidding)

Um, hello! I would be a PRUNE if I had this awesome tub and shower WITH THIS TV!!!
And my children would probably forget what I looked like!

Although, I am not usually a fan of Formal Dining...
I could make an exception if I had a space like this:

The Homebuilder's Association put on a great show this year. Some of my favorite builders were not here this time, but I think the ones that were show a lot of promise as being my new favorites! Homes are getting more practical for the everyday families, even if these are for the extremely wealthy ones...it gives us all inspiration to bring home. Can't wait until next year's tour!!

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Harri Davison said...

The bathtub with the chandelier is beautiful, that would be my dream bathroom its amazing!

This is "What I NEVER knew that I ALWAYS wanted"

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