Friday, August 10, 2012

Home Show Expo- Part 1: Country Elements

One thing that we look forward to every summer around here is the annual HOME SHOW EXPO. Put on by multiple builders in our area. These homes are fully decorated and open for a cost! But this year was definitively worth every penny spent. 

I am showing just 3 exterior photos of  the 12 homes in this year's tour. 
These all have features of their Iowa roots.

I abSolUteLy LOVE how home builders and designers are coming back to country style.
 Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing this is new construction. 

The chandelier pictured below is covered in rope...I think I have a few I could add rope to! :)

OH that Sofa....and that RUG!! *sigh*

We took this picture with full intent on copying these signs, so perfect:

I think we counted 4 different homes having barn style sliding doors somewhere in the home.....
This one was my favorite:

And reclaimed barn wood was a popular element also....this picture does not do this floor justice, but they were to die for....and the designer even had a picture displayed of the barn that these came from. Sadly, I did not get a shot of that.....too smitten with the floors, I guess.

Vintage, reclaimed, re-purposed....this was a guestroom in the lower level.....the bed and window seat were really cool, but the room overall needed some more accessories...they should have contacted me, 
I would have helped out! :)
My daughters and I walk through each home stating which bedroom would be "Ours" and what we would do to add to it....this was a blank slate and we had tons of ideas for it!

Burlap...Pottery Barn styled....need I say more?? Perfection....although the Baileykids could NOT sit at a dining table this fancy...the chairs would be ruined in 4 minutes flat! 

Oh...I hope this style continues for awhile, and even more designers and builders hop on board.
This was a fun event to spend an afternoon with my girls! My next post will be about the "other style" seen at this year's Home Show...not too shabby either!

Summer is almost over....did it ever even start?? School starts next week! The State Fair is going on now and we plan on spending this weekend there, and we finally are having cooler weather, so it is sure to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Love the barn doors. I didn't see any of those at our home show!

Michele R. said...

I SO wanted to go this year! I remember you and I going a few years back. Those homes were big enough BOTH our families would fit in them! Looks like you enjoyed the show! :-)

kajr said...

The exteriors are so interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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