Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The Iowa State Fair is probably the BIGGEST highlight of every summer in our family. 
This year, the weather was finally cooperative and the Fair had it's 2nd largest amount of visitors in history!

Some people come for the amazingly weird and original food options: 
think deep-fried ANYTHING, and put it on a stick!

Some love to look at all the horticulture...one of my personal favorites.

Some come for the animals..and there are dozens of species...from farm animals to exotic.

This poor mama was in labor.....totally feel her pain:

Ok, this one is not real....but what fun that the kids get to "milk a cow!" :)

There is a Conservation Building that the D.N.R. has displays. Wyatt was interested in the Project AWARE. This uses junk found in Iowa's rivers and recycles them.

She wishes:

There are TONS of concerts that are on several stages.... we didn't make it to any this year:(
But I DID get to spend my birthday with my family, on the last day of the Fair.

Amazing, creative artists show off their talents all over the fair. This is a piece of art made with a CHAINSAW! 

A chocolate mouse....YUM!

The famous Clydesdale horses were leaving when we walked by, but we did get to pet one of them:

Some of the Miniature Herefords, these were from the breeder that Ken came from: 

Security, the Cowboy Way: 

We spent two days walking around, about 6 hours each., and STILL did not get to see and taste everything that the Iowa State Fair offers!

This is a fun week...so sad it's over. School started before the fair was over again this year (BOO, HISS)
Next year I hope it will be different...we are getting signed up to show our Miniature Herefords, so I guess my children will have to miss the first couple days of school if that happens :)

One last picture..this is what my family agreed to give me for my birthday:


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