Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our home office: Back to School!

It's almost back to school time....and that means:
school supply shopping,  going through kids' closets and pitching outgrown clothes and shoes..
and buying new ones!

In this week-long cleaning and purging....comes a Mama's chance to start fresh with her
Family Scheduling Center and Home Office.
This was in DESPERATE need of an overhaul, and since 2012 was my year of ORGANIZATION,
I thought what better time to start anew than the beginning of the school year!?

I love having EVERYTHING behind closed doors,
for those times when it is not as organized as I want it to be.

And it keeps the room from looking too busy!

Of course, I put some more crates to good use here.

The bottom crate is for all the "extras" we have on hand: printer ink, photo paper, blank discs, folders, etc.
And the top crate is going to be for all the amazing papers, spelling tests, and artwork that I want to keep throughout the school-year. I put everything in one pile, then when the year is over, I re-evaluate what we keep and it goes in each child's "School Tote" I have in storage.

This pinboard comes in handy for all the notes and reminders a home office acquires!

And for some reason, I like having 2 printers (one is also a scanner). Baileyhusband built me a shelf so I have access to them both!

Our monthly bills and most of our office supplies go here......

Then everything closes up by the end of the day....

Now, I AM ready for the busy season of piano lessons, football practices, school concerts,
volleyball games, homework sessions, and everything else that comes with this time of renewal.

Have I mentioned that all 4 Baileykids are now in 4 different schools??
One going off to college, one starting high school, one starting middle school, and my baby is in elementary!

And the bulletin board is back up in the laundry/ mud's the room we come and go from daily.
Here is our family calendar and each child has a corner to pin any schedules, events, invites, or papers that need signed. Now bring on the CRAZYINESS...this Mama is READY!



Harri Davison said...

What a brilliant storage system, I could do with on like this for all my Uni work! super blog xx

Megan said...

Oh yeah, back to school brings out the organizer in me too! Thanks for sharing!

Clayton Steadham said...
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Clayton Steadham said...

“More often than not, people use color to personalize their spaces.” – Very true, Kate! Color has an amount of significance with your home office space. It reflects your personality. In addition, it sets the mood of the room. Dark-toned colors can make the room look gloomy, while lighter shades can make it look inviting.

Clayton Steadham

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