Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Painted Tree Stump in 7 Easy steps

Thanks to all of you who emailed, texted, commented, and called your condolences over losing our Hershey-Girl. She was a sweet and loving member of our family and will forever be missed!! We've never had to deal with losing a pet like this yet, so new territory for us, and will take a while to "get over", if it's at all possible. 

Now, I need to focus on fun stuff....
I wanted to show you all how easy it is to make a Painted Tree Stump side table. I showed this in our Living Room Summer Tour. We named him Scout, because every great thing needs to have a name! Ha!

First: Get a talented, handsome husband to make a stump level-ish for you.
 (Don't mind the beer can...hey, whatever it takes :)) In his line of business we have access to plenty of stumps. I recommend you dry it out for a while in your garage, and this will also make sure any bugs are gone from it. 

Second: Try to come up with a design pattern that you like. I knew I wanted something "Tribal" looking. I played around with some different patterns until I got the look I wanted. I really love the colors of brown, black, and white together, so this is what I designed

I also measured the stump to see what dimensions I wanted each row to be.

Third: I placed the stump on a drop cloth and picked out paints, it's actually pretty unpainted....but I didn't want a natural stump here. I used Annie Sloan's Old White (because I just love that white, and it's all I had on hand), and just black and brown acrylic paint that I already had also.

Fourth: Measuring and drawing the lines, this was a little time consuming...but so worth the look you get! Then I started with the white and painted one stripe at a time. 

Fifth: After painting the white and black stripes, I drew on the pattern. I DID NOT want this step to be perfect. I just eye-balled it, with no measuring. To me, the Tribal look is supposed to be imperfect and free-hand looking

Sixth: When the pattern was painted on, I thought this would be complete, but I decided I wanted a defined line between the stripes. So for that, I got out our trusty wood-burner. If you don't have one, you could skip this step. But we love wood-burning and use it often.

{I asked the Baileyhusband to help in this step so I could take a picture, besides, his hands are cuter than mine}

Seventh: If you have wood floors, I recommend using felt (or something else like it) on the bottom of your VERY HEAVY new side table. I hot-glued it on. I like to rearrange often, and this was a must for us to protect our floors!

Now the stump is ready to be used as a very stylish side table! I am so completely in love with this table and can't wait to see all the places it will end up in our home. 

I have had fun adding some accessories to it over the couple weeks we have had it. 

So, what do you think? Easy enough, right? Be very is addicting, and now I want a tree stump in every room! I think a plain green (my favorite color) is in my future...and I would love one painted with a fun, girly pattern for one of the girls. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Have fun!! And let me know if you tackle one of your own, I would love to see them!  

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