Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer at our Home: The Master Bedroom

Here is a peak into our sanctuary..... Our bedroom!

Summer is a great time to change up your master bedroom.
I tend to swap pillows and accessories all the time throughout our home....but it always makes the biggest impact in our bedroom.

The walls have been this color since the day we moved in, it's the only room that hasn't changed wall-color! But I am still just as in love with it now as I was then.

I like to keep the main bedding and window treatments neutral, and just add color and texture with the pillows, blankets, rugs, etc. 

As a couple, this room is SO US. A little masculine for him (antler lamps, cowhide rug, leather headboard, leather topped side table), and feminine for me (glass topped side table, PILLOWS, flowers, etc).  

Our entire home is based on colors and other influences from Mother Nature. I recently found these sheets at Target. I love the botanical pattern and the colors are perfect! 

The big-long lumbar pillow came from Lauren Liess, one of my favorite designers EVER....wish she was local, because I just know that we would be BFFs. (haha). 

And of course, the "Nest" pillow that always finds its way onto our bed, is from Pottery Barn. 

{who doesn't love some fringe and a dream catcher hanging over their bed? At least Baileyhusband doesn't complain}

Probably our FAVORITE thing in this room, and what influences the design in here for the summer is this amazing quilt. This beauty is KING-Sized, and was totally handmade by my mother-in-law!! Can you believe the patience she has? I love all the details and colors (and the bird pattern)! Nothing screams summer to me more than a quilt.

{Dried Hydrangeas that I thrifted in an enamel pitcher}

The rest of our home gets messy on a daily basis, but this room....ah, but this room....this is a sanctuary. It's the first room you are in every day, and the last room you are in at night. It should be calm, clean (kind of obsessed about making my bed EVERY DAY), and relaxing. And ALL about the people that inhabit it....

{our wedding invitation engraved on a glass plate}


{our dresser top, full of memories of our life together}
The next part of our summer tour is going to be our Master Bathroom....a gorgeous room that we renovated a few years ago, and still an oasis. So make sure you come back to see that! Have a great, sunshine-y (rainy and cloudy here) day!!

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