Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer at our Home: the Entry Way

I know that I had promised to show our lil camper earlier this week, but having some "design issues". I will confess those issues when I post the reveal, hopefully by this weekend. So....thought I would move on to another episode of our Home Tour :)

Usually when people start with a home tour, they start with the space people see first, THE ENTRY...but, I don't like to follow rules. Plus I was totally waiting to find the perfect rug...which I did. 

So, without further ado....ladies and gents: Here is the Entry Way... (drum roll please)

{don't ya love that rug? Target to the rescue!!}

2 years ago we installed these new hardwood floors, and Baileyhusband handmade the trim, and re-designed the railing with black wrought iron, and this was the first space in our home that really started a new trend for us. And completely shows every aspect of our style.

To read more about the word HOME above the doorway, go HERE. And you can see pictures of what the entry looked like when we first remodeled. (Looking back, I kind of like the simple look I had back then.....hmmm, maybe for fall I will try a new look). :)....Moving on.....

Even though this is not technically a room, it feels like it. 

The antique trunk tucked under our church pew was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law..and holds all kinds of treasures waiting to be used! This girl has to use every nook and cranny to stash fun stuff in! (i.e. I'm a hoarder)

{oops, I see a torn cushion...story of my life!}
{Added the white paper stars for the 4th of July}
That beautiful picture of the Indian Chief is one of my favorite pieces of artwork that we own. The artist is actually a Bailey cousin, and if you can believe it...the Indian is made of pen dots. He didn't even draw him, or use paint, it is a series of DOTS, from a pen!! Truly amazing and beautiful. He watches over our family and all who enter. And so does that Mule Deer....Ha!

The other art hanging on the opposite wall is a collection of vintage/antique paintings of mountains. Some of our favorite memories are made with vacations to the mountains and they hold a special place in our hearts. And, well, the color of these pieces....go perfect in our home for the summer :)

The trees on the wall are barbed wire and old wood, lovely items homemade by another Bailey cousin. (yep, it runs in the family!)

And yet another display of our peacock feathers...I literally have them EVERYWHERE in our home. And Paco and Felipe are molting (shedding of their feathers) as we everyday we are gathering them and tucking feathers in all corners. We really do need to get people to buy these suckers. I just can't throw them away, they are TOO beautiful! 

{this cute little pottery vase? 50 cents at a garage sale!!!}

I am really having fun taking pictures of each room, they tend to look so different in the camera and on the computer. You actually see things that you overlook in person....good design therapy also! 

I also wanted to say that our annual 4th of July party last weekend was a HUGE success! And even though I didn't take ANY pictures yet again this year, I was having too much fun, I need to say what an amazing group of family and friends that we have! The food, the visits, the pasture golf, the volleyball, the food (it was worth mentioning twice!), the fireworks, and the weather all turned out PERFECT! Thanks to everyone who came!! 

Until next time....

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