Monday, July 14, 2014

Obsessed Much Monday: County Fair Projects

With the approaching County Fair this week, and because we are HUGE procastinators (I like to think we are just so busy, but the truth is we always wait until the last minute!!), we have been in PROJECT MODE here at the Bailey household. 

I will not show quite yet (mainly because we aren't completely finished) the projects that Sierra and Wyatt are taking to the fair this year. But, believe me, they are SO COOL! 

I will, however, give you a peek at the inspiration behind some of those projects, or at least images we have found that are similar to what they wanted to create!

Aren't those Dream Catchers BEAUTIFUL!?!? All of the images above were taken from Pinterest, if you click on them, it will take you there! 

Believe me....the one that Sierra created is amazing! And HUGE! And I have several places that I could hang it in our home! 

She has also made some tie-die pillow, fun, fun! I already have other tie-die projects that I have her signed up to make for me (she just doesn't know it yet!). The image below is the tie-die method that she used, it's not your typical multi-colored one....and I love it! 

{From White Buffalo Styling Co. ~ found on Pinterest}
Now moving on to Wyatt's project inspirations....he has his hands full, but he is ALMOST done. Here is a little peak at what is inspiring him:

Wait until you see the cutest project he made with regards to Olaf (from Frozen, the movie) I just may have to print this image for my winter-self! :)

This next image of Garden Markers are as close as I could get to show some hint of what Wyatt created, his are much cooler (says his mom!)

Wyatt is showing some photography of a baby calf (Alaska), as well as a wood-burned sign of our Family name.... but the most time-consuming and detailed project that he will be showing is not even close to being done yet (cue this Mama getting anxiety hives)...we still have to purchase just the right plants for it and get everything potted...and yes, judging is in 2 days!!

This is a little peak at some inspiration:

{Wyatt actually owns this book and has been using it as a guide}
Anyway, so here is what has me so OBSESSED on this mind is in 5 different time zones and I'm trying to stay calm and organized....HA! I have a camper to pack, a house to clean, chores that need done, mouths to get the picture. But don't mind me, I will be the zombie walking around the garden center in about an hour with a twelve year old....Good Times! :)

Now, all my all have a great Monday!!

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