Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer at our Home: The Living Room

Welcome back to our Home!

Our living room is part of a "Great Room" style, meaning the kitchen, dining, and living room are all one big open area. And this is where we LIVE

It is a blessing as well as a curse ....having it all open like this. Because when the kitchen is messy, or the table, then everyone can see it and we look like slobs. 

But that is part of having a family....and that is the blessing! But, right now, I will just be showing the living room portion of our "Great Room".

Last summer I took part of a ONE Room, THREE Ways Challenge. It was so much fun to see this room, with all the main pieces the same, decorated 3 different ways. 

{Creams and whites}
{Turquoise and Brown}
{Denim and burlap}

I have moved and re-arranged this room a few times since last summer, but again, for the summer months, this is usually the arrangement. (For the winter, the sofa by the window comes over to the other side of the room) 

And here is what this room looks like now 

We have loved having 2 matching, dark brown sofas. The comfort factor is the most important, but the color is great at hiding EVERYTHING that we can throw at it! (literally)

This room's shape and size can handle 2 large sofas, instead of the usual grouping of one sofa and one loveseat. When we purchased them, the loveseat was actually so close in price as the bigger sofa, and we figured the added seating was worth the little extra cost. I sometimes wish we had bought a different ottoman than the matchy matchy one, so I added a rag-rug (purchased from Target) on top for the summer. 

The seagrass rug is left un-layered this season, for a more open, summery look. 

We have had these cream fringe large pillows for MANY years, and they are usually on a sofa in the basement, the texture and size is a great fit with my robin's egg blue ones with burlap trim....plus I'm kinda into fringe at the moment! 

We use the tray that I painted and wrote about HERE. It is usually full of TV remotes, the daily mail, a drink...

My favorite thing to do is to "Shop the House" and re-think ways to use something, or move things from room to room. For this summer, I did actually purchase one new thing...I have been stalking reading and following Vol.25. Jessica is an amazingly talented artist who is living a dream life in the mountains. I LOVE ALL HER WORK. But I was particularly drawn to this piece called Wild and Free that she sells in her Etsy shop. It is great quality printed on canvas. 

She sells all kinds of posters, my favorites are the Vintage inspired Science Posters, but this print did not come that way. So we made our own. By cutting (2) 1 1/2" x 1" barn boards, just stapling the canvas right to the boards, and using some twine to hang it...I love how this new piece looks in our room!

And every room needs to have a conversation piece :) Or a "Statement Piece". 
Meet Scout (yes, we name things around here...for instance, our vehicle is named Big Mama). Gunnar asked me what we should call it and we agreed that it looked like a Scout, don't you? 

I love tree stumps and have had this idea in my head (and Pinterest) for a while now of painting this one for our living room. And while the kids were working on their fun projects, I wanted/needed/ itched to do something crafty too! I will show you the process of making Scout on another day. 

So, there you have it! Our living room Summer Style tour.....

This week, the kids will be showing their 4H projects and cattle at the County Fair....
so GOOD LUCK TO SIERRA AND WYATT!!! And I cannot wait to show you all the fun stuff they have made!! 

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Carmody said...

I absolutely love the painted tree stump.

This is "What I NEVER knew that I ALWAYS wanted"

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