Friday, March 16, 2012

An EARLY spring!

St. Patricks Day is almost here, but the weather is more like early summer! Not that we are complaining! I love getting an early start on spring clean-up.
Even though this winter was extremely mild, here are some images of one good snow we had. The stillness and beauty always amazes me!

This year we did a lot of work here at Irishman Acres. We turned our hayfield into a large grazing pasture for our little herd. The fence was put up, gates installed, and a little shed for shelter was built with the help of 2 little daddy's helpers :) Also a peacock enclosure and shed was built...I will post about those lovelies later!

Our miniature herefords, Carly and Claire-a-Belle, both gave birth to little heifers this time! The Sister-moms are just alike, both had baby bulls last year!
Here is Carly's "Cassie-Dee" she weighed in at 45 lbs at birth. And was born in our barn on Feb. 27th.

And Claire-a-Belle's "lil Miss Charlie" was born on March 11th in our grain bin! She weighed in at 60 lbs!! And she is so sweet....

Along with these new additions, we also got more involved with 4-H and bought 2 black angus to show. One is a heifer we named "Clover" and the steer is called "Crimson"
I will show pics of them at a later time.

In the meantime, I need to get outside and do some yardwork while the kids are at school! They are on Spring Break next week.....:)

Love- Kim

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