Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farm Houses

 I have always had a love affair with farmhouses. It probably stems back to my memories of going to Grandma and Grandpas house in a small town every Sunday. This was my only taste of "country life" growing up, and I guess that I never knew how it impacted me until I was a mother and wanting to make memories for my own children. I love thinking back but I only have mental pictures of the garden chores we did with Grandma and sitting on her back porch making homemade ice cream. They had apple trees, a chicken coop, small pasture, lilac bushes....a simple it seemed! Although we don't live in the (typical) farmhouse style of a home, we have some of the characters of one, and I am always collecting pictures of them....some I take with my camera phone as we are driving down the road! But most are magazine cutouts or now through my NEW favorite obsession- PINTEREST :) 



There is something so romantic about a long driveway and front porch! I have passed on this obsession to my children and they like talking and dreaming about their future dream home. I wish more home builders built new homes with this much attention to detail and curb appeal. 
Happy home-dreaming! Kim

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