Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Beaming for my Beams!!

I am on cloud nine right about now, after about 10 yrs of begging and pleading, my husband finally did it!! And although I don't have any good pics of the before that don't involve about 8 deer heads staring at you, I will show the end result...

I absolutely love our home, but it does have its faults. We built it 13 yrs ago and tried to keep costs down to a minimum. We were still growing our family (and our budget), and really didn't have a style to speak of.
Since then, we have remodeled almost every room in this happy little home...except where we spend the most time, our living room!
My favorite part of these beams are what they are made of. My husband, Dwayne, is in the excavating business and was hired to remove these huge oak trees and haul them away. Well, he recycled them! He delivered the large trunks to someone who cut them down into planks. We have waited about 2-3 yrs for them to dry out properly and now they are box beams.
There is so much left to do in this room, new wood floors, new trim, repaint our old while ceiling fan, new outlets, lamps.....I am so excited (and a little impatient).
I think that I also have talked  asked  begged convinced Dwayne into returning only 1 deer head to the wall after we are all finished, although he is not very happy about it (and I know he does all the remodeling and deserves some things to go his way) but I am really wanting a more calming, uncluttered look......I guess this will have to be continued....... Kim

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