Monday, June 30, 2014

Obsessed Much? Monday

Happy "Independence Day" week! This year is our 16th Annual 4th of July Party. Last year I posted about some of our decor....

Well, while I AM trying to get to the decor part...I have a little problem....RAIN

Which gets me to the thing that I am OBSESSING OVER this week:


Our friends and family will not care much, I know that. But we want our farm and home to look it's best. It's kind of like dressing up to go to a wedding or some other fancy occasion. Your children might not be too excited about this, but they are to be showered, hair combed, in their "church clothes"... and on their best behavior. 

{At our niece's wedding last fall} 

That is how I view our yard for this annual occasion. 

Most of the approx. 200 guests only come this one day a year to our farm, so of course I want her looking her best! 

So, because of my OBSESSION this week, I don't have any great photos to share of our yard yet. It's an on-going project. On top of all the weeds that I have been discarding (between the rainstorms...we are talking flood-stage amounts of rain!), I have also been getting all the patios and porches perti-fied...and not to mention the inside of our home. I will probably just be removing dust-bunnies and scrubbing toilets right up until friends and family arrive on Saturday! 

{Some weeds are pretty though, and will be staying!} :)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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