Monday, May 21, 2012


Well, she Finally did it! My little girl grew up way too fast and officially graduated from High School yesterday!
All the party planning and Graduation Renovation (as we all lovingly call it :) was completed just in time and the party was extremely successful on Saturday!! The burlap, denim, and daisies all came together and the morning of the party, I only had about 1 hour to set everything up before people arrived!!! I tried to get as many pictures as possible, but looking back, there are some that I missed :(.

My son, Wyatt, sitting at one of the tables which displayed a homemade denim quilt of 3 Generations of our jeans
One of the burlap display boards

A clothesline of some of Emma's denim pics

The "take-home" thank you's

 The great "COUNTRY GIRL" food we created:
1. Tuna and Chicken salad on mini croissants
2. Homemade corn dip and corn chips
3.Chips and salsa made from our garden's crop last year
4. Popcorn and M&Ms (the graduate's FAVORITE snack!!)
5. Fruit ca-bobs
6. Milk and Cookies
We opted NOT to have the typical food and graduation cake. There were so many parties this weekend and I figured most of our guests would have been "caked out". :)
Lemonade, Iced Tea, and Emma's favorite, Peach Tea

Fruit ca-bobs

Emma and one of her BFFs, Alyssa

Myself with 2 of my BFFs :)
 It was soooo extremely windy for a few days here....I was so nervous when the dark clouds came up over our heads that we would have to move the party INSIDE. But the sun came back out as quickly as it went away and the day turned out to be beautiful.

Proud Mama and Daddy

Denim and burlap bunting made from her old jeans 

Denim, Burlap, and Daisies

Message cards for the guests to write a little note to the graduate
Our homemade sign..taken a little later in the evening

Whew! Now that this weekend is over....the after party clean-up begins....I don't think BaileyHusband and I will know what to do with our time now....hmm...I'm sure I can make a list! But, for now, I'm going to enjoy some DOWN time until right before our next get-together: 4th of JULY!


Cory and Stephanie said...

Everything looks wonderful! I LOVE the theme... Its so Emma! Wish I could have been in the states and stopped by to pass along a HUGE congratulations! Enjoy every second of summer!!

Stephanie Timm

Simply LKJ said...

Visiting from Emily's. What a fabulous party you had! Our baby leaves in 2 weeks for college.

Anonymous said...

Can you provide the exterior paint color of your house? We're about to paint and this looks like the color im thinking of - not too too yellow with a bit of tan/neutral thrown in, and white trim. By any chance do you know the brand and color name?

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