Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Coffee Room

I am always in the mood for a trip to Colorado in the summertime! My desire for the Rocky Mountains comes from my childhood family vacations that we almost always took in July-August. 
When I got married, I deepened my love of the mountains by taking my husband and then our children to share in my passion.
A few years back, we added a room onto the back of our home. It is lovingly called our "Coffee Room". Somewhere we can sit by the fire in the winter months and drink our morning cup of Joe.....

Somewhere this Mama likes to read her design books and dream of more projects for BaileyHusband. 
Somewhere my kids like to play old-fashioned board games while drinking their coffee (Hot Cocoa).

 When designing this room, we tried to think of all the spaces in the homes that we have toured in Colorado that we love. Stone, wood vaulted ceilings, stucco walls, wood floors, fireplace......

(Oh my, please don't mind the dust on the ceiling fan! :)

.......so we packed up our van, took all the back seats out, and the 2 of us headed to Winter Park, CO to help us furnish our new space!

(These we found at a shop near Winter Park, they are actually from Mexico, but I fell in love with them!)

 Winter Park has an annual Craft Fair in the summer that we couldn't wait to go to. Here are a few things we picked up....

(Nothing is more soothing than the sounds of running water. A local artist in Colorado makes these.)

(These salt rocks are supposed to give you energy . And they are pretty)

(My favorite piece. Made from a Redwood Burl.)
We also bought many other hand-made items...candles, kids' toy train, a bird house, and a welcome sign (hanging above fireplace). Now that it is getting warm outside, I am longing for another trip to my Rockies...I desperately hope that we can squeeze one in this summer!!
(The BEST seat in the house!)
Now I better quit drinking my coffee and get back to the rest of my home....I hear cows moo'ing, chickens clucking, and dust on my new floors calling out my name!

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