Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh, the JOYS....

There are times when you wish you had your camera, and then there are times you are glad no one has a camera!

Recently, I had a "BaileyWife" type of incident that I wish we had a video camera taping, because I am convinced we would have won the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos!!
You see, I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes...not only do I not like them....but I am known to completely freak out when there is one in my presence. And since we live in the country, guess what? They are ALWAYS in my presence!!!!! If I am on my tractor, mowing, I am OK with the title of "SNAKE KILLER" , but when the snake is on my concrete driveway, trying to get into my garage.....and no one (male) is around to help me....I did tend to scream and carry on like a complete basket case from a horror movie!! 
My poor 18 yr old daughter, who was home from school with the stomach flu, was forced to come to my rescue...sort of.
I continually screamed bloody murder until she joined me outside...I was NOT going to let that snake out of my site.....and Emma, being the good girl that she is....decided to help mama "kill that trespassing pet of the devil". We had some wood beams sitting on our driveway of my husbands, a pitch fork, and a mallett. If there was anyone around in a 3 mile radius, I'm sure they heard it all.....all the screams, yelling, and crying of us while we were throwing these things at the intruder!
Long story he is......If you are reading this and are a snake lover....I'm sorry.  :)

My boys, when they returned from school, disposed of it...IN MY YARD!!!

Now on to another "BaileyWife" moment.....

This morning, after everyone left for work and school....I looked outside to see our bull trying to crawl under our barb wire fence to get to some fresh grass. (yes, mini herefords do seem to crawl to get to what they want :)
Scared that he was going to go all the way under the fence and join me on my back porch....I threw on my boots to let him out to the pasture. And then continued to do all the morning outdoor chores and weed-pulling in between these rain storms we've been having.

I will just say that I am so glad we live in the country and no one can see that I was in a little night-gown with my chore boots, climbing barb wire fences, hauling feed and hoses, filling water troughs....that would have been a site for the mailman! :)

We have a completely FULL weekend of 4H meetings, baseball practices, graduation parties to attend, another spring concert (last one!), and hopefully have time to work on some projects around here! 
Have a great weekend! 

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