Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2 Fishing Holes

One thing that I do wish that we had at Irishman Acres is a pond....a lake.....a river....a fishing hole of some sort. Although I can't complain too much, we have access to so many around us. This past weekend was Memorial Weekend. And we decided to get in as much fishing as possible with the whole family!

And I took the opportunity to pretend to be a photographer! :)

 I love this pic of the three men in my life.....

I brought my 2 favorite outdoor quilts, we packed a lunch and a cooler of drinks...and off we went for day one of our fishing adventures....
and we saw a ton of these......

and these......

and caught a lot of this.....

See, I didn't grow up with any fishing experience...I still can't bait a hook, but I have gotten great at casting, reeling it in, and even tried my hand at de-hooking the fish, or whatever you are supposed to call it! :) It is so fun to see my children taking it all in. They each have their own specialty when it comes to fishing.
Gunnar: LOVES to cast...and once in a while, he catches one! The excitement on his face is indescribable!
Wyatt: My BIG-HEARTED boy does not like pulling apart a worm, "It's too sad". But he is great at catching the fish!
Sierra: That girl CAN bait a hook, but doesn't really enjoy fishing, she likes to sun-bath...(teenagers:)
Emma: My GIRLY-GIRL is actually pretty good at catching, reeling it in, AND de-hooking the fish, WHO KNEW????? oh, but she doesn't bait a hook...you can't expect EVERYTHING in one of my children.

 Now, day two of our fishing adventures...this one was a little more remote, so this Mama had to wear tall chore boots in case there was a visit from a little slithery creature!

Some of the grass was taller than Gunnar!

These are my FAVORITE type of days.....

Oh, by the way, we DID actually catch some fish! All Sun-Fish, but our bucket was pretty full when we left each fishing hole....we re-released them into my brother-in-law's new pond....maybe we'll catch them again some day??? :)

The lazy days of summer have begun!!!! BRING THEM ON!!!!!

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