Monday, June 23, 2014

Obsessed Much? Mondays

For this second edition of Obsessed Much, I want to share that I am totally and unapologetic-ly obsessed with:  THRIFTING 

Thrift know these places that were so taboo years ago....Goodwill, Salvation Army, flea markets, garage and tag sales.....

Yep, these places are the new "IT" stores :) It is now cool to shop second-hand. No-thanks to the song "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis . Ya know, the song that says I'm gonna pop some tags? I recently found that I had a few hours to myself, and what is a mama to do? Well, one man's trash is another man's treasure (come-up) fo sho. (that is me trying to talk slang....I'm not cool enough, I know!) are some treasures that I found recently

{I think it's a soap dish, at least that is what I will be using it for :)}

{Tea cups made in Germany, love these!}

{these will be spray painted and added to a wall soon}

{metal bowl, don't know WHAT I'll do with this, but had to have it}

{This MADE IN INDIA hand painted dhurrie rug, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!?}

All these things pictured below were thrifted. The barn frame was purchased with a not-so-pretty-picture inside. I bought the seed sack and just popped it in the frame. And that mountain scene?? Love it...bought frameless (for $7.00) and I kind of like it that way for now. 

I also bought some crisp clean white pillow cases, which were turned into these (by my daughter)

And remember this re-do?

It might be hard to see in the picture below (from my cell-phone) but from a church garage sale I found all these things...totaling $20. Those big strands of beads? $1 for all of them!!! The pizza board? 50 cents! The most amazing things are found when not even looking for them!  

{75 cents for  the vase and $1.00 for the dried hydrangea bundle}

I have also purchased several items that I am currently using for little make-over projects and cannot show at this time (teaser), but also bought the following unpictured items:

A couple pillows (did you know that people get rid of perfectly good pillows with ugly covers?) Yep, feel them next time you are thrifting, if they are feather down inserts inside...snag them up. Couldn't beat the $2 a piece price tag! Mine had zippered covers, threw those away and have a great insert for a new homemade pillow!

An unloved lonely dining room chair for $4.99. That was four dollars and ninety nine cents people!! One day, my daughter will be moving out and would like mismatched dining chairs, yep, score!!!

And 4 semi-scratched 8x10 frames. With a coat of fresh paint, they will be masterpieces on any gallery wall!

Here are some other helpful hints I use when thrifting:

1. Don't shop with SPECIFIC things in generally will not find them and leave disappointed and empty handed. Instead, think of non-specifics: a fun lamp, some accessories for your bookshelf, a piece of furniture that you could re-purpose, maybe something fun to hang on a gallery wall. 

2. If you don't know about something or aren't quite sure if it will work for you. Leave it, walk around the store, think about it. If you STILL think it's worth the money, BUY IT. It is probably only a couple not a big deal. But if you don't buy it, someone else will, and it will haunt you forever. (kidding, kinda) If you love it, you WILL find a place for it, I promise!

3. Know your own style. This is hard for some. But don't buy something that you know is not "You" just because it is cheap. And I also keep friends/family in mind when looking around. This most recent shopping trip for me resulted in me re-styling my sister's family room. For a total of $35, she has a new summery look. (I will get back over to her house and show pictures someday soon)

4. If you like the style, but not the color, re-do it with paint, fabric or whatever trips your trigger. 

{A very long table runner that I'm adding my favorite Aztec-y look to, purchased for $1.00}

5. Just have fun! Bring a friend or sister or daughter or your mama...or enjoy the alone time!

When given an afternoon and a little money in my pocket, I will always choose to go thrifting! You never know what kind of treasures you can find!

{Always on the hunt for vintage crates and globes}

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