Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer at our Home: The Front Room

Welcome to our home!

I thought it would be fun to put a little tour together of our summer-styled home. 

 People usually decorate more in the fall (Halloween, pumpkins, etc) and definitely winter (Christmas)...not much in the summer. To me, summer is more of a clutter-free- less- is- more kind of time. It starts out that way, animals, projects get in the way of that sometimes, but a girl can dream right?

So, before this house gets too messy this summer, I took some pictures of what I would like my home to look like most days, and thought I'd share them here (for documentation purposes, ha). I will show one room at a time, and when I'm done, will put them together in one Tour Post.

Today, I am starting with our front room. I recently showed our bookcases that we painted white. You can see that post HERE. Now here is the rest of the room, styled for summer!

Our farm name is not actually painted on our wooden crate coffee table, but now that I digitally put it on there, I kinda like it! 

I added in that bright afghan and it certainly brightens up this room. This little love seat and matching chair with ottoman were given to us by my mama, they are so comfy and we love them. However, they are quite dark for this room, so I like to add something to them for each season that breaks up all the brown. 

This picture was taken before I did a switch-a-roo with the pillows and some art on the gallery wall. But I liked it because it shows our new rag rug. This rug was originally purchased for my daughter's dorm room, but now that she is back became mine! And little Koda-Bear likes it too! It's his rug-of-choice. (side-note: Isn't he the cutest thing EVER??)

After painting the bookcases white, and because we don't do a "traditional style", I have propped in some old yard-sticks in front of each shelf. I like the added color and quirkiness they give. 

A vintage quilt and denim pillow, next to my stump table that Baileyhusband made, is the perfect spot for morning devotions (and blog reading). 

We hung the "Bailey" portion of our homemade banner (from last fall's Barn Sale) above the window instead of window treatments. Living in the country, I want to SEE all the beauty outside, and this banner (recycled from our old jeans) is a great summer addition...that just might be there permanently.

This is also a music room, so our piano is a focal point...we also have a snare drum and bells hidden behind the love-seat. 

The front room will always be the most "cluttered" looking because of it's many purposes. I struggle all the time trying to quiet the room, decoratively not noisily...remember that I have 4 kids, a husband, and a dog living in this home with me!? But this is also the room that I showcase homemade artwork and family photos, all our photo albums and books, musical instruments, our home office, etc. 

But this is US, in this stage of I added in some color this summer to reflect how we live. 

Sure, I am never done decorating, re-arranging, and changing things...and I am seriously thinking of changing the wall color, but that is the fun part, isn't it? LAzy daYs Of SuMmeR? Not around here.....

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