Monday, April 22, 2013

Being married to a DIRT DIGGER.....

Well, being married to a "dirt man" does have it's advantages when it comes to certain yard work....
 and crazy ideas that certain wives may have....

Like when it comes to the relocation of a chicken coup because it is blocking the view of our barn. 

Daddy brings in the BIG GUNS....and carefully lifts and carries it to it's new location.....

Now the chicken coup will have prime real estate next to our garden/ feed shed. 
And believe me, it's getting a cute little make-over with a rock path and possibly window boxes?!

But sometimes, being married to a dirt digger is a MESS....having access to such machines, can be dangerous on our yard! 

This time he used his mini-excavator. And to quote Baileyhusband, "It's like digging with a spoon". 

He is digging a water line to our cow pasture, so no more running a hose clear from our house over to the water trough.....really not fun to do in the dead of winter!! So even though my yard is quite a mess for the time being, eventually it will be worth it. 

But no more fun watching this:

I feel a little lazy just watching him do all the hard work, but since these pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, I have done TONS of yard work and spring cleanup....and even got to mow this past weekend! YIPPEE! Yes, I LOVE MOWING! Especially since it is too cold for snakes still! :)


Loving spring around here, can't wait to get my inner gardener goddess out of hybernation, 
I've got my lists made for the nursery.....

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Maureen said...

I could use a little of your man's help around here! Gotta love the machinery. It must have been horrible running a hose to cows in winter. You will feel like a lady of leisure just turning on a tap next year!

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