Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bringing Home the Babies: my first guest blogger!

Today, I have a GUEST BLOGGER! His name is of the Baileysons ;) He has some news from our farm to share....take it away Wyatt!!


Hi, my name is Wyatt I really don't want to do this but my mom is making me......So i dont know what to say. This morning my dad got a phone call from our local post office saying that our chicks that I have been waiting for arrived. This is a 4-H project for me this year to show at the fair. Hopefully we ordered them soon enough to get them to their full potential. 

Our local post office.

The shipping box from Murray McMurray.

Our first peek inside.

A small box for 32 chicks, so they can stay warm.

The chick that my brother, Gunnar, is holding is  Golden Laced Polish.

 This chick that I am holding is a White Crested Black Polish.

 This chick that my dad is holding is a Blue Silkie.

Introducing the baby chicks to their new home out in our detached garage.

Once the chicks got in their new home they all huddled up 
under the heat lamp to stay warm.

This heat pad I found came underneath of the hay in the box  makes the chicks warm while on their cold ride to the  post office.

That green goo in their food is Grow Gel, it helps the chicks get off to a good start on their life.

Once my dad put the food in the brooder all the chicks ran after the food.

 The chicks that my dad and I ordered were Golden Laced Polish, White Crested Black Polish, 
Blue Silkies, White Silkies, and Buff Brahma Bantams. Murray McMurray Hatchery, the company that we ordered our chicks from gives you a free exotic chick for every order and the free chick that we got my dad thinks it is a Black Tailed Buff.

I can't wait to see the chicks grow older. My dad and I are going to build new enclosures  that we can keep all he different breeds separated.

The End

Good job, Wyatt!( I didn't really "make him", but he WAS the one that took  pictures and it is his story to tell! :) I can't wait to see the enclosures you and Dad  make this spring...maybe i will "make you" blog about that too!? 
~Mama (~Kim)

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Maureen said...

I still can't wrap my head around how chicks can be sent in the mail. How long are they in the mail? I'm asking Wyatt this question since he's the dude who knows all about this stuff.

BaileyWife said...

"As soon as they hatch, they are sent overnight through the post office, so people can pick them up. This keeps them the safest and warmest.", says Wyatt.
Thanks for commenting Maureen, it made his day!

Kathleen Reichert said...

I can't wait to see them in person. I know you will do a good job taking care of them. GMA

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