Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Midwest Meet-up

Yep....I'm one of THOSE bloggers! 
Even though this is just a little blog that I use to document our life on our farm and all the fun DIY projects we do around here.....I just couldn't resist wanting. needing. begging to meet fellow bloggers.

Now I have my favorites, these lovely ladies that I stalk, I mean follow......

I have my hopes set high....I am so excited to break bread in the same room with some of my future friends ;) I just know that we will be BFFs once they get to know me! (hahahaha)

Now, I have to find what to wear, what camera to bring, what hotel to stay at....should I TRY to lose those 10 lbs that just keep coming back every winter?? Do I have time? Does anyone really even care??
If they are the wonderful women I think they are, than HECK NO!! ;)

I can't wait to share all the info and pics from my trip....and maybe some cool stuff that I might purchase on a shopping trip that my new BFFs and I will be doing! ;)

Hopeful the Chicago weather is great...after all, it will be SPRING BREAK!!


Beverly said...

What fun!! I would love to do something like that some time!

thistlewoodfarm said...

We are going to have so much fun!!!!! I can't wait to meet you!

Have a great day rock star!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

If you lose 10 pounds you would disappear! Had such a fabulous time with you and your gorgeous girls this weekend! Especially loved hanging in the hotel lobby with take-out!

:) Linda

Lynne said...

Great to meet you at the Midwest Meet-Up. Love your white Peacock, (my maiden name). Irishman Acres looks like a wonderful place to raise your family.

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