Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gentle Shepherd~and piano lessons!

This month (actually this whole WINTER) has been difficult for me to blog. I have a lot of posts in my head, and sometimes jot them down, but somehow they never make it to the computer!
The flu hit us hard, as well as the WINTER BLAHS....I'm starting to feel like myself again, the groundhog SUPPOSEDLY did not see his shadow, so impatiently waiting for our "Early Spring".  
I do still have some winter type decor around my house...and thought I would share my favorite!

This painting was originally in my grandparent's home. It brings back so many memories from my childhood. 
I recently "Googled" dog and lamb painting (don't ya just LOVE Google??)...and found out there is an arguement over it's origin. Probably around 1906, from the artist Walter Hunt. It has been called the Rescue of a Lost Friend,  Shepherd's Call, and Found.
Whatever the real name, I think it is beautiful art, simple frame and all! 

I also own a hymnal from my childhood church, where my parents were married, WE were married, I was baptized, and my children were dedicated as many memories while holding this book....
and my favorite hymns of all time: Gentle Shepherd. I can still hear my dad's voice singing along with the congregation. I feel so lucky to now be the owner of this book!
Wyatt is currently amusing me by learning to play this hymn.....MUSIC TO MY EARS!!! 

Our daughters tried to play the piano, and after one year of lessons, they came to the conclusion that it is NOT fun (for them). Which is why I am so excited that our son, Wyatt, has taken a huge interest in music....and I must say, he is a talented lil guy! Paying for weekly lessons is paying off, and making that huge piece of furniture Baileyhusband bought me for my 30th birthday all worth it! ;)

I had to take a picture (for documentation purposes) of his cute little hands playing.....

 Our front room wears MANY hats.....home office, library, Christmas Tree Room...
but my most favorite hat that it wears is MUSIC ROOM. 

Our piano, for the time being, proudly displays both my Hymnal and Shepherd's Call....because for me, they go hand in hand. Ahhh, memories....the best design accessory!

Happy Weekend ya'all!


jeana said...

Love the touches and the memories in your decor!

BaileyWife said...

Thanks Jeana! Glad you stopped over!

thistlewoodfarm said...

I love that hymn, too! Another favorite hymn I love is Because He Lives.

Thanks for inspiring me today!

Dona Engman said...

I like your seat cover. Most especially the painting is adorable. You have a good design of your piano. Pretty awesome!

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BURRI 60 said...

Totally epigrammatic. Everything is expressed so fluently and without any flaw.
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