Friday, June 10, 2016

Boho Graduation Party

I honestly cannot believe that my little girl has all grown up and ready for this great big world! Now exactly half of my children are leaving our nest and this Mama has mixed emotions about it all. There is something so amazing to see the child that you have loved, taught, healed, kissed, looked after, worried about, prayed for, cried over, fought with, obsessed about... (you get the idea), looking at you with her big brown eyes and declare that she is an adult. Um, excuse me?? And I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my friends and family for putting up with this crazy woman I became while wanting EVERYTHING to be perfect for her Graduation Party~ Breakfast in the Barn. 

We, and when I say "WE" I mean amazingly patient husband, finished this new little project on our farm just in time for the big day! Nothing like a huge deadline looming over us to get it finished. ( I highly recommend deadlines such as this :) 


When I planned our other daughter's grad party in 2012, we had it on our back deck/porch. Well, even though it was pretty, it was kind of crammed and this time around I wanted it more spread out. And this daughter has a little different a Boho Party in our new barn was what needed to happen.

Now before you declare me a horrible photographer, in all of my craziness of the day, and because my REAL camera was being used to take pics with all of the guests and the graduate as they arrived, I took most of them with my cellphone, ugh, when will I learn??

We used vintage windows that I picked up at various antique stores and junkin sales. I see great things for these in the future! 

We showcased some of Sierra's favorite dreamcatchers that she has made and blankets, pillows, rugs, tapestries, and decor that are her signature Boho look. 

The guests signed a book called I Wish You More and got to leave their wishes for her.... I still haven't signed it myself, too emotional......

I have had these old sofas in our basement, loved on old relics, that I've hoarded. But now they had a reason to shine...and added to the eclectic vibe we wanted. 

I purchased these chairs and this table from World Market. Which will eventually be on our back porch. Ordered them online and I love them even more than I expected to!! 

This next seating arrangement was a way to hide a huge pile of barnwood that we have stored in this barn. So I made a long bench out of it with some quilts and pillows. Sierra's crate/storage chest that was a past 4H project was a great coffee table.  

I cannot tell you what a dream come true this was for us to give a party in this barn for our little girl High School Graduate. And as fun as it was to show these pictures to you all, guess what? I did not take ONE SINGLE PHOTO of the food table!!! Well, a lot of work went into it and I'm so mad that I don't have anything to show for it....we had donuts (20 dozen!), scrambled eggs, sausage links, bacon,  fruit, coffee, and orange juice. I guess it was all yummy....mother and hostess of the day didn't get one bite. HA! 

And to quote one of our favorite new songs by Tim McGraw....

"I know you have mountains to climb, but Always Stay Humble and Kind"

Sierra, you will do great things in this life, graduating is not the end, but a beautiful beginning! We could not be more proud of the athlete you are, the friend, sister, daughter you are, the performer/ singer you are, the Honor Student you became, and one of my best friends. Congratulations baby girl! 

Hey, maybe I just found what I should write in her guest book!? 


Gina said...

The photos in the frames ...such a great idea! Loved her flower crown.

BaileyWife said...

Thanks Gina! She is our little flower child, ha!

Drew Watts said...

Congratulations on becoming graduated and wishing you a bright future. Last month, arranged graduation party for my nephew at a local venue Houston TX and invited all his friends. It was great party and everyone had an excellent time there.

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