Thursday, June 30, 2016

An updated Farmhouse laundry room: the BEFORE

I have shown our laundry room here before. And I remember being quite excited for it at the time. Let's walk down memory lane......

We built these open lockers with hooks for everyone. Put "hat hooks" on the outside of the lockers. I had 3 basket hampers to help sort the laundry that came with 6 people living here. 

We installed some old barn tin on one wall, while painting all of the others a barn red. I kept a large bulletin board to organize all of the kids' school activities. But, it did not stay this pretty.

And I did like this setup, and I was happy with this.......until I wasn't. Then I was NOT HAPPY with it every single day. Even when it was technically clean, which was not very often, I just didn't like that this was our WELCOME TO OUR HOME room. I have been fighting tooth and nail to get guests to use our front door when they come over. I'm done fighting it. And besides, this is the room that our whole family uses as our entrance. Shouldn't it be a welcoming room for us too? 
 My kids have TOO. MUCH. STUFF. Sports equipment, chore boots, school bags, and every single shoe they own ends up getting piled high in this room. The so-called lockers were spilling out onto the floor. I should have taken a picture of what it actually looked like on a daily basis....but I am too embarrassed. 

We aren't going to make MAJOR changes structurally, but this room needed something done to make me like it again..... I am craving light, bright, clean.

We have our big annual 4th of July party here on Saturday. And just like we always do....Let's start a project that we don't have time for??? But let me tell you how proud I will be for everyone to come through this more welcoming entrance. It's still a laundry room and mud room, but now it's pretty too! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's reveal! 

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