Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cozy Minimalist Course

Ya'll know that I am obsessed with everything HOME. One of my favorite past-times is making our house into a cozy home for all of us. Somewhere that my kids love to come to and snuggle in. For Mother's Day my kids made me a gift that stated all what they love about me as a Mom. One of those things was that I make our house a home. Yep, this sappy Mama loves that her kids understand the importance of that!

One of my favorite bloggers, The Nester, who wrote an amazing book following up her famous blog called The Nesting Place, came up with a concept called Cozy Minimalist. This concept is probably  not really all that new, but her down to earth personality and her easy way of explaining things is actually genius! When she announced this online course, I was truly in a place with our home that I needed a little know those rooms that just never seem to make you happy, no matter how many pillows you throw in there, or how many pictures you hang on the wall? So, along with my husband's acceptance, I signed on for the course. Cozy Minimalist

This was a four week live webinar with The Nester, and an online Facebook group that we could share our spaces with and ask questions to. It was so much fun and so much education all wrapped up into one. 

I decided to try to make some design sense with our basement. It has always been the dumping ground for all the leftover furniture from our main living areas. A hodge-podge that I could no longer live with. Here are some Before pictures:

I tried a gallery wall here for years, and although it did showcase alot of memories, it was always SO large and very awkward. 

And because we were too lazy to get rid of that very large TV that hadn't worked in years (no judging), we threw in a second TV that was as equally broken. (don't ask)

Every once in a while, usually before a major party, I would come downstairs to try my hand at decorating this awkward room. Trying (not successfully) to make it look like we actually had some style..... Looking back at these pictures, these actually don't look as awful as this room always felt to me, so just trust me! The walls were a salmon color too.....?????

Now while taking the Cozy Minimalist course over 4 weeks, this is what I turned it into:

I want this room to be a place where the kids come to hang out, play games, watch movies, all with less STUFF to always be cleaning and straightening up! 

My favorite part? I DIDN'T EVEN BUY A THING!! oh, except the TV, but that doesn't count! 
Making a room feel cozy with LESS stuff, is a new concept for me....and I am loving it. I will now be applying this to every room in my home. But there is more to it than just learning to love and live with less's the order in which you take to design a room. Invaluable lessons 101 is the name this course should have! HA! 

The Nester is now offering this course at a lower price!! You don't get the LIVE webinar or the Facebook group, but it's the same course I took. And you get to do it at your own speed! 

Click on this link { Cozy Minimalist } to see what it is all about....and let me know if you sign up, I would love to follow you on your transformations!! 

This room is definitely more restful now, and I probably won't keep everything like this for long, I like to change things up and move things around....but for now, I am loving this! 

And guess what?? I had the opportunity, after taking this course, to go visit The Nester AT HER HOME! Next time, I will share my trip with you! 


Kirsten Thompson said...

Your room looks great! Loved her course, and so glad you and I got to hang out and be roomies when we went to the barn!! :)

BaileyWife said...

Me too Kirsten.... I may or may not be showing some fun pics of you on the next post!!!

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