Monday, March 10, 2014

A dream come true: Bailey Barn Sale

ahhh, DREAMS, they are tricky little things aren't they? 
Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of having a little "shop" of my own. As I have grown older, and life's responsibilities have taken over, the dream was forgotten. Then the internet happened, and I saw bloggers that I love and that I follow, pursuing their dreams by opening little Brick and Mortar shops ( like Shaunna did), hosting large sales (like Layla did), or even writing a book (like the Nester did). This sparked something in me that was long forgotten. 
So, along with my sister-in-law, and a lot of research....we hosted a BARN SALE! 
You see, I am married to a very creative man, and my mind is ALWAYS busy thinking and dreaming up all things decor. 

Our family business has a "barn-like" shop that is quite large, and was the perfect space to house all of our displays. We worked as busy little bees for several months....building, painting, gluing, staining, buying, styling, wood-burning....and hosted a ONE-DAY sale in October.

A few of our family members and friends also contributed some of their homemade or antique goodness to the sale. Which made for such an amazing day! All of these pictures were taken the night before, when all of the setup was complete. I so wish that I had taken pictures during the sale, but so much was happening, and we were having so much fun, sadly, none were taken! (insert sad face) 

The husbands built us these large pallet walls, which I LOVED! Our old shop had put on it's party clothes and looked dressed to impress! 
Along with homemade items, antiques and furniture, I cleaned out a lot of my well-loved decor items. And most of it sold! 

The things we contributed that didn't sell, (i.e. the amazing Queen-sized bed Baileyhusband hand-made) look great in their new home....ours! Actually that bed now belongs to our daughter, Sierra. She is one lucky girl. We joked that she secretly told everyone that looked at it during the Barn Sale, that it was already sold. 

I did happen to take one quick photo, this was my first customer....who arrived early, before the doors were officially open....and she snagged this barn-wood cross picture frame. I loved it and knew it would sell quickly. Actually all of our barn-wood frames were the first things to go!

{sorry, bad photo, all of these were taken with my phone}

What a fun day, what a fun DREAM this was. It was a ton of work, but well worth it. 
I think I would rule it a success, over 300 people came! When you plan these things, you kind of have to have faith. There was a FACEBOOK page, flyers made and distributed, signs made (I wish there was a picture of those, they were barn-shaped) to direct the way....and all the fun displays!

I honestly don't know if I will have another sale, or if this was a once in a lifetime thing....
but I do know that it was a dream come true to have that feeling of fulfilling a childhood dream of mine! 

I love these shirts that Layla from the Lettered Cottage has designed and will be selling to help with the adoption of their little Sweet P. 

 "Don't Quit Your DayDream" is a perfect quote for the ending of this post! And hopefully soon, I will be sporting that shirt....and I am so glad that I got to live out my daydream! 

It's almost SPRING people!! We are so close to seeing some new calves here at Irishman Acres...we are garden planning also, YEAH!! Can't wait to mow, get out our deck furniture, and even pull weeds....yes, it's been a long, cold winter if I am looking forward to weeds! :)

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