Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break Shenanigans

When you work for a school system, and all your children are BEGGING for a little vaca 
for SPRING BREAK.....why not?

Last year, it was just me and my girls heading off to Chicago. What a fun experience that was, and a huge eye opener that we needed more little get-aways in our life!

So, this year...we took the whole fam-bam to Minnesota. This was a little closer option and more appealing to the boy-folks in our family. The lure of an indoor waterpark/ hotel and a mall that had a amusement park inside was too much for all for us to deny! 

{the all-too-original family selfie}
I left the ol fancy camera at home for this trip, and so all pics were taken with cellphones.
But sometimes the stress of worrying about taking pictures and keeping a close eye on your camera is not my idea of not-so-good-pictures it is!

First stop: CABELA'S

Giving the kids a small budget each could use helped in moving things along faster....
I think they enjoyed the taxidermy animal displays more than anything :)

We stayed at the Radisson Hotel which has "The Waterpark of America" attached to it, for an additional fee of course. But well worth the money paid, endless hours of play for all of us! 

{Took this image off of Google, this was a much better photo than any I took}

My kids didn't really play in the "Kiddie" area too much, they have graduated to the big kid areas, and so have I, hence the NO PHOTOS AT ALL OF US ON ALL THE FUN STUFF! :(
Except the boys all tried it, but Baileyhusband doesn't want his photo posted :)



Our hotel room was perfect for a family of six. We slept on a queen size bed, and there was a bunk room for the kids...I highly recommend bunk rooms, so much entertainment to hear them all together in one room....there is a little sarcasm in that comment, but it was a perfect setting! And better than someone sleeping on the floor and having to share our bed. 

Us country folk, staying in a big city, is something to behold! And getting to shop at all the places that I only see online is something else entirely!! My dear Baileyhusband amused me in a little couples therapy time in IKEA! People, I felt like the Mothership was calling me HOME!!

I am going to do another blog post about all the fun things acquired in that round of shopping!!

The Mall of America, aka the MEGA-MALL was our next stop. 
I felt a little guilty of all the fun home-decor-y stuff that I was fortunate to purchase at the mall was mostly about the kids getting to play.... and eating......

Getting away with the whole family is a very rare occurrence once one goes off to college, so even though this was only for 2 1/2 days, this was much needed!!

The other days of our break have been alot of movie watching....hello?! Frozen anyone? Seriously the cutest movie ever.

And craft making: 

A great friend came over, and we made these barn wood beauties for her sister. I forgot how fun and relaxing that crafting can be! And this big D is going on a new gallery wall for my friend. Can't wait to see the final result, I love a good gallery!!

And one night we heard lots of giggling and general girl-y loudness coming from the basement....and I am so impressed with the result....made from crayons, ya'all!! So impressed with my daughters!!

Now, I am going to spend my last day of Spring Break in my sweats, making cookies, and watching Frozen....again! I hope spring shows up soon, it snowed again this morning.....UGH!!


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