Friday, July 26, 2013


Where did this summer go? This week I have officially signed my kids back up for another year in school. I walked into the schools and with all the hustle of the front office, the school scent and knowing that our summer is almost over was overwhelming! 

My 4 children are all in 4 different schools....Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College!
I should be used to this by now, right? NOT EVEN CLOSE! Next week we will be busy buying school supplies and first day of school outfits....and I just can't help but remember all the plans we had for the summer. Our summer "bucket list" never really happened. Oh, we had BIG dreams!! Ya know, things like: going to the beach, visit every park in the area, pool visits weekly.... 

But with all the 4H Fair projects, showing cows, farm maintenance and chores, 4th of July Party planning, and multiple Vacation Bible Schools to attend......not much else was accomplished.

I guess it could be worse, we do offer our children so many good memories of growing up in the country.
There have been many water balloon fights, bike rides, watching calves be born and chicks hatched. They have cousin overnighters and playdates..... roasting marshmallows, camping (for the first time!), running through the sprinkler. Yes, poor kids!

Our sons are learning how to grow their own vegetables, how to CAN wild raspberry jam, how to build birdhouses and new chicken coups. Our daughters have become more helpful around the farm for doing chores, now that they are getting older. 

I also had BIG plans for this blog this summer...well, LIFE is messy (and busy). This blog is like a long love-letter to our farm and if I don't write as often as I should, it's just because I am busy making memories with the ones that live here on our farm and in our home...

Oh, and because I have a dinosaur of a computer and it recently went on strike of letting me download new pics! So, I will just get caught up with what I have so far....and maybe when the funds appear for a new computer I can show you all the activities and happenings of this short summer we have had! 

Until then, enjoy YOUR summer....what is left of it!


Lisa Tucker said...

I just love your is beautiful! And it sure sounds like a wonderful place to grow up. It also sounds like you are smart enough to know that "life is what happens to us when we are busy making plans". Thanks for sharing.

BaileyWife said...

Love that Lisa! And thanks for the compliments!

Anonymous said...

You take great pictures, they are amazing.

thistlewoodfarm said...

All of that sounds amazing!!

Your children will be so glad that they know how to do that stuff!!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

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