Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Happenings Catch-up

It's been awhile since I've been here to my little end of the blog world.
I've actually been keeping up with my blog friends and meeting new ones, but just haven't been here to Irishman Acres blog to write and share our happenings.

Life is a funny thing....and ours is a busy one! 

I will ease back into this blogging thing, and hope to catch up on some things that have happened here.
I have some new additions to our farm to show you all. And some changes are in store to our home also! 
More on that in a later post....(winky face)

I have recently joined in the fun world of Instagram! You can follow along on our day to day life HERE.

Here are some things that happened in our life since I blogged last, get ready for a blast of pictures to follow:

We showed our cattle and some chickens at our county fair.....

{Calvin (with Sierra) won Polk County Grand Champion!}
{Wyatt showed our large breed cattle (Carmelle) for the first time!}
{one of our Silkies}
We showed our little Miniature Hereford Bull, Hawkeye, at the State Fair......

{Daddy got in the ring and showed cute!}

Everyone went back to school........

{first day annual photo}
Which meant my oldest went back to college...(insert sad face).....

You can see her first dorm room from last year HERE.
And this is her space this year:

{Her BEFORE bedroom}
{AFTER, yes, we just re-used last year's chair}


Sports picked back up....

{Emma, Cheer Captain of her college team!}

{Gunnar, 2nd year playing his favorite sport!}

{Sierra, cross country}

As well as music practices and concerts, 4H meetings, Youth Group, this Mama going back to work, and so much more!

Finding the balance is key, I missed keeping my little journal of our lives here, and hope to share more. When I first started blogging, it was all about numbers. I think many bloggers feel the same way. Watching the number of page-views becomes addicting, and self deprecating actually. So this new year is also bringing me some new-found sense of self....and really, aren't blogs just for us anyways? :)   

Well, this is enough to get me started on our Catch-up of 2013. My next post I will show highlights from a dream come true project I did this fall!! 



Allyson Lusk said...

Glad you're back at it! Missed reading your stories!

BaileyWife said...

Thanks Allyson....your Christmas gift was the last little push I needed!

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