Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a DORM ROOM makeover: Moving her IN

A lot of you know that my eldest daughter, Emma, is now leaving our nest :( {sad face, gulp}

packed up and heading off to college

And although, hopefully, we will be seeing her on multiple weekend visits....it will be sad not seeing her beautiful face EVERY day. To make ME feel better about her being "on her own", I helped her make her new space feel more like HOME to her.

 I was extremely skeptical about my baby girl living in a dorm the first year...it resembles a jail cell. 

Here are the "BEFORE" pictures:

2 uncomfortable beds that made the room feel SMALL

Attached double desks, with 2 ugly RED chairs

STAINED carpet, and 2 large closets

Everything is painted this creamy white color and  the walls are cinder-block. She is rooming with one of her best friends from high school, which was so much easier planning the design of the room. 

And here are the "AFTER" pictures on move-in day:

We replaced the red chairs with the ones I redid  here 

Put the 2 dressers together to have the TV be a comfortable height for their beds, they can still use the mirror on either side of the TV

Storage is a MAJOR factor in dorm rooms, and even though these shelves are hideous, the girls made good use of them

I LOVE these black sheers..and the shelf unit holds more storage (along with popcorn and m&ms)

The girls bunked their beds to give more space in their room. Not what they had originally planned, but turned out GREAT!

The ONE awesome thing is the large CLOSETS! I sure hope Emma keeps it looking so organized!!

Their kitchen. The girls have since BEDAZZLED the fridge :)

Emma's "MOVE-IN CREW" 

So completely proud of our daughter....and excited to see what the future holds! 

Emma, your life is just beginning! You have proved to be a hard worker...not to mention an amazing sister to your younger siblings...and you have grown to be one of my best friends!! Good luck, study hard,
have FUN, and come home to visit as often as you can! Love you FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!


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Harri Davison said...

It looks super, I found it super hard making my University room look pretty, you've done a great job! x

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