Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A gift from my husband

Welcome to Irishman Acres....

Ever since we started traveling to the Rocky Mountains and seeing big beautiful ranches they have out west, with entrances announcing their farm or ranch name, I've wanted a similar sign hanging at the end of our driveway. This will help in giving directions to our home now...." turn into Irishman Acres!". 

My handsome husband finally listened and for Christmas this past year, I got it! He designed it and had local metal workers make this large heavy thing! It definitely didn't fit under our Christmas Tree! 

Most women wouldn't be as giddy as I was getting a huge metal sign. My husband knows me so well, and he was just as excited to give this gift as I was to receive it! 

We had to wait until spring to install it at the end of the driveway. The ground had to thaw....and then it was too muddy with the spring rains.....and finally, PROGRESS! 

I wasn't home at the time, and probably a good thing....anytime there is heavy machinery, ladders, and our boys involved, I should not be around!! HA! 

We are loving this new entrance to our farm. Baileyhusband says that he would like to add another pole across the top to steady it even more, I'll let him decide that, sounds like a lot of scary tedious work to me. I, however, do have plans of adding some landscaping around the base of each side. I'm picturing a lot of perennials that bloom in every season. Some iris for spring, lillies and daisies for summer, and mums for fall. I will update here when that is done, hopefully later in the summer/ early fall.

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