Monday, August 4, 2014

Obsessed Much Mondays: Hospitality and HOME

This Monday's obsession? Our home and hospitality.....

Lately, it seems, there has been a slew of reasons to have parties and get-togethers. And one thing that I truly love is sharing our home. My children, on the other hand, do not like the fact that they have to help clean for such events! (cue the dramatic fights discussions) But, in the end...they all agree that it is worth it. 

I recently co-hosted a baby shower at our home for our niece. It was so much fun! And I think it was a success...

When there is a party at our home, even if it is a birthday for one of my children...I plan it out and make it as festive as feasibly possible like it's my job! 

What I NEED to get better at is the day to day hospitality....learning to let go of the perfectness that my home does not have on a day to day basis. When someone comes through my messy garage and into our even messier mudroom to enter my home, my head turns red with embarrassment.  I don't always have my garage door closed, so I think people take the shorter route into our home...but I really wish that they would take the prettier route onto the front porch and into our entryway.  I know down deep that people don't care, and it's not about having a perfectly put together's just about sharing it and making them feel welcome! For some reason I don't have the same anxiety over dirty dishes....because there will ALWAYS be dirty dishes in my sink. So, if you are reading this...and you are coming over to my home, come to the front door for a more prettier entrance but don't look towards the kitchen sink. (kiddingnotkidding) Sorry, got off track, moving on....

I was so excited when the lil baby mama wanted to take her maternity photo-shoot here at our farm. It was so much fun to do, and even though I am not a professional photographer, I think they turned out pretty good. It helps that Irishman Acres has some amazing natural backdrops....

I believe in sharing your home. It's a reflection of who you are. I take pride in the fact that Baileyhusband built it, and together we raise our family here. I love making it feel all comfy and cozy and home-y. Inside and on the outside. Yes, I am a little OBSESSED with it actually....this home is my playground

I secretly wish that I could make a living at this. HOME is my passion. I love helping family and friends turn their house into a home. Not by pushing my style onto them, but by helping them find theirs. I am working on a post about our style and what I call it....that will be done soon, I hope. 

It wasn't always this way. When we were first married, we had a ton of things happening. We started a family right away, Baileyhusband started his own business, and we built this house.(all within the same year!) It was all quite overwhelming and we were just trying to survive. 

Now, our hobby and passion is making our life here at Irishman Acres into something beautiful that we love to share. It is not a bragging sort of's a form of sharing that artists do with gallery showings, or singers do at their concerts. We feel that we are lucky enough to have a little piece of paradise, and it was all given to us by the Man above's sweet blessing and compassion! So, why not share it? 

I'm a fan of dreaming and planning, and we dream and make lots of plans. If the Lord is willing, maybe someday we can make a little income with our home and farm....don't know how yet...but it would be nice! ;)

Today, we are sharing our home with three little visitors that are ages 3, 2, and 1. They have stayed here at Aunt Kimmi and Uncle Dum Dum's for the whole weekend, and let me tell you that it was a quick reminder to us that after not having a toddler in our home for over 6 years, you quickly forget what it is like! 

There are plenty of ways to practice the fine art of hospitality in the near sister's daughter will be staying with us while she attends a local college and we have been busy getting a room ready for her, while doing a little switch-a-roo with our oldest daughter. And I have my co-workers from school coming over tonight for a little time together before school starts. 

So, there you have it. My obsession for this Monday has been about sharing our home.... from our FRONT DOOR! ;) 

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